Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hi and welcome from me!

Hi there! This is my first entry to the new blog; I was working very hard all yesterday on my book; one of the difficulties with regards to getting off the ground is fitting the work around your already existing life, although as I have read and heard the determination will pay off in the end... I'm really looking forward to having the final product completed but because it is such gruelling (though enjoyable) work it only really seems possible to live in the moment! Which is good too. I think the whole process is going to be exciting and I want to make it worth it. I'll likely post some recommended guides for new writers that I have found useful, as it is nice to know which ones might suit your needs and are easy to use. I will also post any tips that I come up with; we all make mistakes on journeys but it is also nice to be tipped off sometimes... So if you want to tip me off about anything that would be very useful to me also ;) Kind regards Sarah Swainson