Monday, 28 October 2013

'To My Last Friend' Release

'To My Last Friend' should be available on within the next day at the most!

I'm pleased that this venture is beginning to blossom and I will add a post when the book is definitely available. If you haven't read the synopsis I now post it again below for your ease:

'I did not know why I was brought into a world starved of love, but where my love was unwelcome...'

Jordan Waters, a lonely adolescent with an underlying lack of confidence, is reunited with an old school friend several years after they last parted. But whilst once again getting to know Jon, he quickly learns that the person he used to know is not all that he seemed...

This is a compelling and heart-felt short story, told with great empathy and sensitivity.

Find out what happens when illicit relationships are forged and there's no going back...

(The price in the UK will be £1.53 and in the US $2.99. I am also hoping to begin work on a promotional piece which will be free so people can trial my work.)

Kind regards
Sarah Swainson