Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sleep With Me - Joanna Briscoe Review Part 1

Joanna Briscoe Sleep With Me on my Binatone 
Now here is a book I probably...most likely (Definitely) wouldn't have picked up at my local bookstore as a paperback copy. I actually found it when browsing online for cheap eBooks for under £2, and so far, as I am up to page 134 have been pleasantly surprised by the content. The style adopted by the author is erotic but also very engaging and suspenseful. Yes there is a story line to follow here which manages to incorporate the erotic side very nicely to give the reader the best of both worlds.

Not only this, but the realism regarding the characters is met with approval. They are less cliche' than most and are brilliantly described and developed throughout the first half of the book.

On a personal note, my favorite chapters are those from the point of view of Richard. I enjoy the way his intentions are expressed indirectly as it leaves some suspense for the reader.

However all still hangs in the balance. The second half will have to fulfill all the promise of the first to determine whether or not it is really a disappointing time waster... 

This is what really interests me about digital publishing. Low prices enable me to find books I wouldn't otherwise have read, and then once I've read them I can keep them - I don't have to donate them to the charity shops to make space on my shelves at home!